I have been an avid horsewoman and pet lover all of my life. There is nothing that I love more than being able to spend the day riding my mule or one of the horses out in the woods.

I have trained and shown horses in many disciplines during my younger years. But, now just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of nature is the way I prefer to spend my riding adventures. And of course snapping a few photos along the trails.

I also love preserving memories for myself and others. I've been doing photography since I was young as a way of saving memories and sharing my wanderlust adventures with my parents. They did not enjoy traveling away from home, but loved to hear of my brother and my adventures. Photography was how I was able to share the many adventures that we had together with our parents.


I have gone to  college and studied photography, earning my degree in business/photography.

I would be honored to be able to preserve memories for you and your family. I can do location photographs at your farm, home or where ever your favorite location is. Of course you may bring along your favorite horse or pet to join in the session.

If you have any questions about setting up a session, pricing or purchasing photos, please send me a message from my contact page.  Or feel free to email me at sandyjames51@gmail.com

~Sandy James

Window Seat Photography